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Why Choose CloudBurstPro?

Reasons to choose CloudBurstPro for designing and deploying your public cloud services


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level


Low Cost

I am interested in startups and not for profits where I realise budgets are limited.

A globally scalable, static website like this costs < $1 per month to run


Agile, lean methodologies to things done with minimum fuss.

Serverless single purpose solutions that can quickly be joined together.

Resources & Tools

Use proven, working tools such as the serverless framework to provide innovative, scalable, secure solutions

Community Minded

I want to use my skills to benefit those doing worthwhile things.

New Hope Nepal

Global Reach

I can help wherever in the world you are located.


AWS Lambda in Action

At some point in the next few years we’re going to see the first billion-dollar startup with a single employee, the founder, and that engineer will be using serverless technology. JAMES GOVERNOR, CO-FOUNDER OF REDMONK

About CloudBurstPro

CloudBurstPro is the trading name for services provided by Andrew Plater.

I have almost twenty years experience in desktop software development in primary healthcare applications. Technology has moved on and mobile devices and the Cloud are presenting new ways for organisations to communicate. I am passionate about the possibilities that cloud services provide to business organisations especially startups. I also am keen to be of assistance to churches, community groups and other non profit organisations that can benefit by extending their ability to reach people in imaginative ways using the cost advantages that cloud services can provide.

  • Want to SMS your members a greeting on their birthday?
  • Send a daily/weekly SMS to all your contacts
  • Use telephony, video calling, conference calling from your browser
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Services for Start ups and Not for Profits

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Jump start your business into the cloud

Moving to the cloud requires planning to ensure appropriate levels of security; to re-engineer business processes; to ensure availability, scalability and backup recovery is adequate. CloudBurstPro can help you on your journey.

Download 38 Questions for Security.pdf
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Planning your cloud migration

Security is critical in cloud services. Click the button below to download complementary worksheets to plan your security with a risk planning tool, risk assessment guide and tips on protecting AWS S3 data at rest.

Download security planning resources

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For a small business or startup

Some advantages of cloud services are: (1) Just pay as you go for what you use. (2) Ability to increase/decrease capacity as demand changes. (3) Launch new services without major capital investment

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Affordable solutions

This is a static website that costs about $1 per month to run. The dynamic website at the link below costs $5 per month. These solutions are self hosted so there is flexibility about what they do.

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Services for Expanding Businesses

Going Global Without Limits

Time for a bigger pond

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Video serverless?

Think webapps without servers are too limiting? Click below and let this change your mind :- Serverless video on demand

Click link to see demo

Slack bot integration

Serverless Forex Slack bot :-Bots for services- in dev

Click link to see demo


Real time chat app

Click link to see demo

Chat app (to be uploaded externally)

Node.js web chat app

Click link to see demo


Links to helpful external sites

Confused by all the terminology?

If AWS names for services are baffling :- AWS-in-plain-English

Azure or AWS which?

IDG Connect report :-MS-Azure-AWS-which