China key to Putin's downfall

Published at: 19/03/2022

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Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Dozens of Russian paratroopers were killed in just one failed attack on Ukraine's Hostomel airport. Hundreds of others of Putin's top military parachutists, including Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky, fell within the first three weeks of the war, too. Taras Kuzio, an expert at the Henry Jackson Society security think tank, said the unpredicted failure is stalling Moscow's invasion plans. He told The Sun: "They (the paratroopers) are sent ahead of the main troops to secure a location so that the main forces can be brought up. "In this war, they were flown into Hostomel airport near Kyiv to do this but were all killed. "Two transport aircraft of paratroopers flying from Belarus to do the same tactic at another airport near Kyiv were shot out of the sky. 300 paratroopers were killed in the 2-transport aircraft."

Marc 4:35-41 Jésus, plus fort que la nature et les démons 35 Ce jour-là, le soir venu, Jésus leur dit: «Passons sur l'autre rive.» 36 Après avoir renvoyé la foule, ils l'emmenèrent dans la barque où il se trouvait; il y avait aussi d'autres barques avec lui. 37 Un vent violent s'éleva et les vagues se jetaient sur la barque, au point qu'elle se remplissait déjà. 38 Et lui, il dormait à l'arrière sur le coussin. Ils le réveillèrent et lui dirent: «Maître, cela ne te fait rien que nous soyons en train de mourir?» 39 Il se réveilla, menaça le vent et dit à la mer: «Silence! Tais-toi!» Le vent tomba et il y eut un grand calme. 40 Puis il leur dit: «Pourquoi êtes-vous si craintifs? Comment se fait-il que vous n’ayez pas de foi?» 41 Ils furent saisis d'une grande frayeur et ils se disaient les uns aux autres: «Qui est donc cet homme? Même le vent et la mer lui obéissent!»

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Kim Clement speaks about Putin July 2014 prophesying Putin's death

Kim Clement 26/07/2014

I have prophesied from the beginning the Spirit of the Lord is upon me for a declaration to the nations of the earth. Now hear me out. The Spirit of the Lord says, Putin, I speak to you now. King Putin, you call yourself. Do you really believe that I raised up a king in the ‘80s by the name of Ronald Reagan to pull down a curtain and to destroy a wall that divided for nothing? Did you really think I did that in vain? For you to stand and raise a wall and a curtain again? No! No! Putin, get out of my way! Get out of my way, says the Lord. As I hardened the heart of Pharoah for the benefit of my people, so I have hardened your heart. I’m hearing a sound in my spirit, here we go. For the benefit of my people, ekklesia, my church, my holy ones, my elect, my land of Israel, I have hardened your heart, Mr Putin. You see, I said I would lift my hand off Russia, off Russia for a season and I did and look what is happening. You are unbridled, king Putin, you are unbridled now, and I want you to know what I historically did to kings who took power and abused it. Ultimately there will be freedom for the sake of my people. O Troublemaker, who would stand and terrorise the world, my world, says the Lord. Therefore I will put a my hook in your nose and my bridle in your lips and I will turn you back by the way you came and those who have survived and escaped will bear much fruit, much fruit, says the Lord. That fruit shall be in Ukraine, that fruit shall be in the nations that you have encroached upon and taken for your glory. I will cause a remnant to be raised up and bear much fruit for my kingdom , says the Lord. Yeah! Now hear me as I speak to this man who has raised himself up and to the men who have said “The end of Israel, the end of Christians”. Do you really believe after thousands of years that you can remove from this earth, my people and my Spirit? For as long as my Spirit is upon the earth, my people shall reign says the Lord. Come on! Say with me. Israel is forever! Israel is forever! You hear me everybody watching. The Spirit of the Lord came upon me this morning. He told me it would be a strange July (July 2014). He told us that in the summer he would test this president and there is another one that has risen up who calls himself King Putin. I am not against the man and this is not my opinion. This is the Word of the Lord. Now, Putin, I have seen, says the Lord, a spirit upon you that will cause you to return to your land, away from a sovereign land, because of rumours that you hear. And I will cause you to fall by the sword in your own land, says the Lord.

Expected Outcomes of conflict

  • Ukraine will see a revival of faith in God
  • Jews will return to Israel from Ukraine
  • Putin dead
  • World will create guarantees of security for Ukraine and Israel (Ezekiel 37-38)
  • Russia will decline economically Incredible String band

Highest ranking K.I.A. in the war - Lt. Gen. Andrey Mordvichev