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Published at: 14/08/2021

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A company is not a family

I read this article and found it sparked my thought processes. A company is not a family

Transactional leadership hurts a church

Some Key Differences

as explained in the article

  • You choose to work at a company whereas you do not choose your family
  • There comes a time when you will leave a company for whatever reason
  • A company may decide to terminate your employment

There's more ...

  • A family invests the most time and money in its least functional members i.e. babies whereas a company invests in its CEO
  • A company has goals and vision whereas a family just values being together for its own sake
  • A family will pool resources and allocate on a basis of need whereas as a company allocates resources on a basis of best return on investment
  • A company celebrates corporate success whereas a family celebrates individual success

le jour du salut est maintenant

Is a church a company or a family?

Many churches will consider themselves as a church family that espouses family values. Church as a family

Much use in Scripture is made of the family greeting of brother and sister or of children of God.

Church as a family 2

The main application made by those who talk about the local church as the family of God is that we are to feel a similar love for the brothers and sisters in our congregation as we feel towards our brothers and sisters in blood.

Core leadership values

Surely the biggest difference between a church and a corporation is the leadership style. A business leads from the top, with the CEO establishing a vision and culture that the rest of the team are expected to endorse and uphold. By contrast a church leader is, like a politician?, a servant of the people.

In the same way, the Son of Man did not come to be served. He came to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many people

Matthew 20:28

Five Fold Ministry Test

Some critical boundaries

  • Dysfunctional families, churches and companies exist The Simpsons

1 Corinthians 6

  • Each type of relationship has its boundaries and in some cases to cross the boundary can constitute criminal activity. Rules whether written or not establish what is a safe or an abusive relationship within the organisation.

Parent child relationships